2021 Kamloops Open Invitational

Scheduled for July 9 and 10, 2021, this meet is open to anyone who is a member of BC Athletics/Athletics Canada whether a competitive or a training member, of any age.

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New Meets Being Added With the Reduction of COVID Limitations

With the news of the reduction in COVID Limitations, we are increasing our availability of meets over the next 4 weeks. Our meet scheduled for June 26 has now been re-named as the Kamloops Re-start Meet. The COVID rules for this meet means that other clubs and athletes from around the province can now register to compete…

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In-Club Performance Trials: May, June, July

The dates below have been set for "In-Club Performance Trials" for the remainder of the 2021 outdoor season. This is subject to change pending a loosening of sports-related restrictions and/or coach requests. Please remember that these are optional competitive...

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2 In-House Track and Field Meets in April

We have 2 Club Meets coming for athletes registered in the outdoor season. The only ages we can invite at this point are for those 19 and younger. These meets are sanctioned by BC Athletics, and only specific events will be available for each of the meets. Our first...

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Club Volunteers Signup

Our club manure sale is happening this month. All families registered during the indoor season and/or the outdoor season are expected to help with the bagging of the manure and the loading of manure into the vehicles of the purchasers. As well, we will likely need one family group to deliver any orders of 10 or more bags. This is yet to be determined.

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Club Newsletter