Information For Officials

This is a page with information that may be of interest to Officials of the club and of BC Athletics

Becoming an Official and Upgrading

Here is a link for Officials to use to register for upcoming meets using the Official’s Management System.

Link for Officials to Register to Officiate at Upcoming Meets

Becoming an Official and Upgrading

Are you interested in becoming an official and/or upgrading your credentials? Then this is the place for you to get the required information.

Becoming an Official

Any volunteer who is interested in becoming an official is eligible to do so. Often, volunteers who are helping at an event are approached by an official to inquire about interest. Other times, someone may be interested in officiating and may want to approach an official to get further information. Either way is just as good as the other.

If you are interested in becoming an official please contact Judy Armstrong at judy54armstrong at She will be able to give you some inforamtion about who to contact and the route to follow to begin the pathway to becoming an official. We hope that you are interested in providing some volunteer time to track meets. Extra help is always appreciated. They also help the elementary zone and district meets, and high school meets as well.

Wayne and Cheryl Elke, who are local Kamloops Officials, also sit on the board of the BCA officials who represent us by having a voice for us. Kamloops has one of the highest numbers of officials in the province.

Upgrading your Credentials

The Officials section of the BC Athletics website has a great deal of information for officials. Please follow the link to find out the process for upgrading credentials, along with any other information you may require about Officiating with BC Athletics.

Manuals of Interest to Officials

World Athletics Library
Links to current WA Rules and Regulations
Tables of Rule References Tables showing IAAF rulebook sections and the comparable sections in the World Athletics rulebook.
WMA Rules of Competition World Masters Association Championship Rules
World Athletics Photo Finish Guidelines IAAF (now WA) guidelines for Photofinish
World Athletics Starting Guidelines IAAF (now WA) guidelines for Starters
Race Walking 2014 A Race Walking guide to Judging and Organising