2024 Battle of the Border


LOCATION: Hillside Stadium, Kamloops, BC

DATE: April 27, 2024

This meet is the beginning of the High School track and field season in Kamloops. The meet is for high school (Gr. 8 – 12) athletes from BC and Alberta who want to shake off the rust from the winter and get back into competitions in preparation for High School Track and Field.

This 1-day meet includes most of the events found at Zone Championship meets for each of the grade levels. Schools from Alberta may have different specifications for some events and may request that some of their athletes compete following their specifications.

The meet will be sanctioned by BC Athletics so that competitive members of BC Athletics can have their results sent to Athletics Canada for rankings (if the event fits the specifications of their age group). These club members have to represent their schools, wearing a school shirt while competing.

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