2021 Kamloops Open Invitational

Scheduled for July 9 and 10, 2021, this meet is open to anyone who is a member of BC Athletics/Athletics Canada whether a competitive or a training member, of any age.

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New Meets Being Added With the Reduction of COVID Limitations

With the news of the reduction in COVID Limitations, we are increasing our availability of meets over the next 4 weeks. Our meet scheduled for June 26 has now been re-named as the Kamloops Re-start Meet. The COVID rules for this meet means that other clubs and athletes from around the province can now register to compete…

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Quick Results

2021 Kamloops Open Invitational

2021 Kamloops ReStart Meet

2021 Throws Only Performance Meet #4

2021 Club Meet #4 Mini-Meet

Kamloops Only Throws Performance Trial

Kamloops Throws Festival

In-Club Track and Field Performance Trial #3

Performance Trial #3 - Hammer Throw

JD & High School Twilight Trial #2

JD & High School Twilight Trial #1

In-Club Track and Field Trial #2

BC Identified Throwers High Performance Trial #3

High Performance Throws Trial #1

2021 In-House Club Trial #1 - Track Meet

Performance Trial #2 Hammer Throw

Performance Trial #1 Hammer Throw

Kamloops Startup Meet