Hours Tracking and Refund Requests
Download Tracking Form (Word - see below for PDF)

Volunteering Information:

  • An annual volunteer fee of $250.00 is charged to every athlete OR family (if applicable) involved in our programs over the age of 8. To receive a refund of this fee, each athlete OR family must complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours. These hours include the hours worked at our annual manure sale which is mandatory for all members. Hours logged as an official DO NOT count towards your volunteer hours.
  • Opportunities for volunteering are available at our track meets and at other times throughout the year. Please ensure that you subscribe to our newsletter via our website to stay up to date on opportunities. You can also visit our “Volunteer Opportunities” page on our website for current ongoing volunteer jobs.

Instructions for Refund:

  • Kindly download the form below and keep track of your hours throughout the season. Upon completion, email the document to communications@kamtrack.ca. A cheque will be mailed to your home address upon approval.