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Current Volunteer Opportunities

    • SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS – We are looking for a few people to help form a small social committee for the Club. We are ready to bring back some fun and social connection following COVID! Members of the committee would work together to come up with ideas and help plan social functions.
    • BOARD MEMBERS – Are you interested in becoming a Board Member? Come out and contribute to the growth and development of our Club! No experience is necessary. The only requirement is passion.
    • CLUB SECRETARY – We are seeking a Club Secretary who can attend board meetings once a month, create an agenda and record meeting minutes.
    • URGENT – PHOTO FINISH/Hy-Tek IT ASSISTANT(S) – We are looking for a few people to assist Brian Beck and Diane Weddell with the photo finish and Hy-Tek software system. At times, we run into technical issues with the cameras. We also need general assistance for the setup and takedown of the equipment. Additionally, we are seeking to train a few more individuals to be able to run the technical aspects of a track meet if Brian and Diane are unavailable. Ideally, this person would have IT skills, however, we are willing to train and the Club will pay for training sessions. To continue offering meets for our athletes, and to prepare for next year, we require this additional support.
    • EQUIPMENT MANAGER – We are searching for someone who enjoys fixing and maintaining equipment – a go-to person. We need to be “competition ready” when it is necessary and not find surprises with equipment. This may require you to either fix or have someone fix the equipment. This does not involve a lot of volunteer hours, but it requires someone to be familiar with what equipment we do have and how to keep it in working order. 
      TRACK RASCAL VOLUNTEER PARENT – We are looking for a parent who would be interested in helping the club during the Track Rascals program. We need a parent to be on site if a child has to use the washroom, needs attention etc. so that time is not taken away from the coaches and their duties. 
    •  VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Come help us secure parent volunteers and groups of individuals to make our track meets run smoothly! Help us create schedules to ensure the officials and athletes have the support they need and that parents have opportunities to fulfill their volunteer hours.

    • OFFICIALS’ COORDINATOR We are looking for an official who would like to secure and organize officials for our track meets. They could assist with contacting them and scheduling for the event.
    • Please contact Judy Armstrong at judy54armstrong@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these positions.