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Officials’ Webinars

May 20, 2020

For those interested in getting some information on the new rules and the changes from IAAF to World Athletics, and perhaps to look at other disciplines than the one you are already in, take a chance to register for one of the webinars being hosted by various people from the National Official’s Committee.

Information regarding the topics of the webinars is found at this link. The website for registering is:

News Archive

BCA Event Group Throws Challenge

The BC Athletics Group Challenge Throws will take place on the weekend of July 24-25 in Kamloops. Registration is now available using the following link: http://www.trackiereg.com/BCAEventsChallengeThrows Meet Information Package Final Schedule (posted July 22)...

2021 Kamloops Open Invitational

< Back To NewsScheduled for July 9 and 10, 2021, this meet is open to anyone who is a member of BC Athletics/Athletics Canada whether a competitive or a training member, of any age. Training members will have to pay the $3 "Day of Event" insurance fee. At this...

New Meets Being Added With the Reduction of COVID Limitations

< Back To News With the news of the reduction in COVID Limitations, we are increasing our availability of meets over the next 4 weeks. Our meet scheduled for June 26 has now been re-named as the Kamloops Re-start Meet. The COVID rules for this meet means that other...

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