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Officials’ Webinars

May 20, 2020

For those interested in getting some information on the new rules and the changes from IAAF to World Athletics, and perhaps to look at other disciplines than the one you are already in, take a chance to register for one of the webinars being hosted by various people from the National Official’s Committee.

Information regarding the topics of the webinars is found at this link. The website for registering is:

News Archive

2 In-House Track and Field Meets in April

We have 2 Club Meets coming for athletes registered in the outdoor season. The only ages we can invite at this point are for those 19 and younger. These meets are sanctioned by BC Athletics, and only specific events will be available for each of the meets. Our first...

Club Volunteers Signup

< Back To NewsOur club manure sale is happening this month. All families registered during the indoor season and/or the outdoor season are expected to help with the bagging of the manure and the loading of manure into the vehicles of the purchasers. As well, we...

2021 Manure Sale

< Back To NewsOrders for the 2021 KTFC Manure Sale are now being accepted. We have a limited amount of manure this year, and it is prepaid only. Orders will be pick up only for less than 10 bags. All orders must be made online or by phoning our number...

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